Location: Sichuan Province, West China

Population: 10 million

Tier: 2


Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan Province and is one of the most important economic, cultural and technological areas of China. It is home to some of the largest buildings in the world and parts of the city are still surrounded by an ancient fortress wall.


The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – the largest panda preservation project on the planet. Visitors can see the centres astonishing 84 pandas and learn about the preservation efforts happening in the centre.


Wuhou Shrine – the oldest temple in Chengdu was built to honour strategist Zhuge Liang. The temple holds a number of cultural artefacts, the most prominent being a clay figure of Liang.


Wenshu Monastery – over 12 acres and 5 temples make up this breath-taking temple. Not only is it a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, it is home to vast amounts of cultural artefacts and events.


Du Fu Thatched Cottages – created to pay tribute to China’s most famous poet, Du Fu, and covers 24 acres of land with stunning gardens and thatch-roofed walk ways.


 Chengdu’s cuisine is, for the most part, a variation on traditional Sichuan cuisine. This bright, fiery style of cooking is known for its use of peppercorns and chillies, and it’s vibrant colour. Some popular dishes include: the Sichuan hotpot, Mapo Dofu, and Kungpao Chicken.



We have compiled a short collection of videos to introduce you to the city. Click below to find out more about the local area, the local cuisine and more!