Location: Southwest China

Population: 8 million (main city)

Tier: 2


Chongqing is one of China’s major cities and is located in the largest municipality in the country. It is intersected by the Jialing and Yangtze rivers and surrounded by the beautiful Daba, Wu, Wuling and Dalou mountains – hence why the city is also called ‘the mountain city’.


Due to its booming infrastructure, excellent travel links and sub-tropical climate, Chongqing is one of China’s most popular tourist destinations as well as being an excellent place to live.


Chongqing Science and Technology Museum: a stunning building holding artefacts from the forefront of China’s scientific and technological breakthroughs.


Baiheliang Underwater Museum: an underwater, archaeological site turned museum. It hosts some of the world’s oldest hydrological inscriptions and has records of 1,200 years of changes to the ecology of the Yangtze River.


Fengdu Ghost City: a vast collection of shrines, temples and monasteries dedicated to the afterlife and celebrating Chinese mythology. Also known as the ‘Gate of Hell’, the area contains a mass of information about Chinese cultural history and beliefs.


Great Hall of the People: a stunning auditorium and cultural centre built to mirror Shanghai’s Great Hall of the People. It boasts beautiful architectural details as well as astonishing events.


Chongqing is known for its spicy and vibrant Sichuan (or Szechuan) cuisine. Packed with garlic, chilli peppers and other classic Chinese flavour, this food is some of the tastiest in the country.


Chongqing is also known for its Hot Pots – with more than 500 restaurants and eateries dedicated to the dish – a dish cooked at the dining table in a simmering broth and filled spices, vegetables, wontons, dumplings, fish and more.



We have compiled a short collection of videos to introduce you to the city. Click below to find out more about the local area, the local cuisine and more!