Location:  Zheijang Province (45 minutes from Shanghai)

Population: 9 million

Tier: 2


Hangzhou is one of China’s most renowned, prosperous and modern cities with a bustling technology centre, it is the capital city of Zheijang Province. Despite its fast-paced development, the city is home to a vast number of cultural and historical sites, as well as shopping malls and other conveniences.


West Lake – an UNESCO world heritage site. The beautiful West Lake is surrounded by pagodas, gardens and shopping areas.


He Fang Street: a shopping area filled to the brim with traditional stores. There are no generic chain stores here, the perfect place to see and buy authentic Chinese crafts, souvenirs and food.


Hangzhou is known for its sweet, fresh, subtle cuisine packed with fresh vegetables, meat and seafood. Local delicacies include: Pian Er Chuan Noodles, West Lake Vinegar Fish, and Potsticker Dumplings.


We have compiled a short collection of videos to introduce you to the city. Click below to find out more about the local area, the local cuisine and more!