Relocating to another country can be stressful and time consuming; to avoid this we try to make each part of the process as simple and fast as possible. 

Below we have outlined the process and everything you will need to provide/do at each stage.


To start off with, you will need to submit an application by filling out our online application form or sending us your CV via email. Once we have reviewed your CV and approved your application for progression, we will ask you for a few documents:

  • A clear photo of the first page of your passport (feel free to censor any sensitive information as long as we can see your name, date of birth, nationality and photo)

  • A clear photo of your degree

  • A 1 minute video introducing yourself (optional)

  • A casual photo of yourself

(we require these documents for a number of reasons such as proving your identity and qualifications. We cannot progress without them so make sure you send everything over as soon as possible!)

After this we will schedule interviews with your chosen schools. You can interview with as many schools as you like until you find the perfect fit for you.

If your interviews are successful, you will be offered a contract within 5 working days. Once all the terms are agreed upon and you have signed, we can begin the process of getting ready to relocate!


Before you can head to China, you will need to get everything in place for your visa application. This includes making sure you have:

  • Completed your TEFL course (minimum 120 hour, accredited course)

  • Ordered a DBS check (this needs at least 6 months validity when you arrive in China)

  • Gathered your documents (degree, TEFL certificate, and DBS check)

  • Checked details regarding legalization and visa costs

Once you’ve got everything ready you can choose to either let us complete the legalization process for you (costs less and takes less time/hassle), or to complete the legalization process yourself. Legalization takes approximately 10 working days (depending on how you choose to complete it).

Once your documents have been legalized scanned versions need to be sent to your school to secure a Work Notification Letter. This typically takes 14 working days and once you have received it, you can apply for your visa.


Now all the official business is out of the way, it’s time to book your flights! Your school will help you organise your flight itinerary before you head out to China and will pick you up at the airport.

Depending on the type of accommodation included in your contract (free or an allowance) the school will make sure you get where you need to be, safe and sound. They will also support you with any adjustment needs/issues such as setting up a bank account, getting a SIM card etc.