Location: Jiangsu, East China (1 hour from Shanghai)

Population: 30 million

Tier: 2


Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu province and boasts the largest population in China, as well as being known as the centre of Chinese history and culture. Due to its size, technological centres and excellent transport links, Nanjing is becoming increasingly popular with foreign teachers.


The city is on the Yangtze River Delta, meaning there are plenty of stunning natural sights to see as well as those in the city.


The Presidential Palace: home to the President of the Republic of China until 1949 and is now known as China Modern museum.


Nanjing Fuzimiao (Confucius Temple): a stunning temple honouring China’s greatest thinker Confucius, set within a beautiful relaxation and retail area.


Purple Mountain: a small mountain known for its hazy purple hue. Along the mountain there are a number of sites such as Dr Sun Yat-Sun Mausoleum and the Purple Mountain Observatory.


Nanjing Museum: the largest museum in China. It holds collections demonstrating China’s diverse history and culture.


Nanjing’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its location in Jiangsu Province. The traditional cuisine of the area is Su and is known for its tender textures and use of seafood, as well its bright colours.



We have compiled a short collection of videos to introduce you to the city. Click below to find out more about the local area, the local cuisine and more!