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Relocation Support

At Raising Ltd., we appreciate that not everyone has the means immediately available to pay the up-front costs associated with relocating and may need some help. So we have developed a scheme to support our candidates in paying any upfront costs (such as visas, flights etc).

For a small admin/exchange fee, we offer our candidates relocation support to cover these upfront costs. We will then arrange reasonable repayments for the full amount for legalization, visa applications and flights with you and your school from your first 2 months’ salary (with 0 interest).


Our Fee*

Visa application

Document legalization

Flight ticket

Document legalization, visa application and flight ticket



£400 - £600

Up to £1200





For the fee listed above, Raising LTD with take care of and pay for all documentation, visa application and flight tickets. On the agreement that the actual costs will be deducted by the school from the first 2 months' salary.

Some schools will reimburse you for these costs at the end of your contract. Therefore, instead of paying up to £1200 upfront, you are only paying £180 to get to China!

For more information and to find out terms and conditions, get in touch. Subject to availability.

*This fee is non-refundable as it is used to cover administration, bank transfer and exchange rate costs.